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Wednesday Poster Presentations

Using an Integrated Approach to Understand and De-Risk a Jurassic Play in Central Rub’ Al-Khali, Saudi Arabia
M. A. Alhamad, J. Ismail
Integrating 3-D Basin Modeling Concept to Determine Source Rock Maturation in the F-O Gas Field, Bredasdorp Basin (Offshore South Africa)
L. Ramphaka, W. Sonibare, T. K. Chatterjee
Carbonate Microfacies as a Source Rock: Heat Flow and Carbonate Source Rock Modeling of Kais Formation Indonesia
T. E. Putra, P. R. Putra, A. Samodra, M. Natsir
Characteristics of High-Quality Source Rock in Brink Sags, the Southern Bohai Sea
H. Liang, G. Xu, Q. Yu, F. Xu, K. Wu, D. Wang
3-D Numerical Modelling of Hydrocarbon Generation From the Barremian-Aptian Source Rock Unit of the Northern Orange Basin, South Africa
C. A. Samakinde
Phenomenon of the Albian Cenomanian Turonian Source Rock in the Suriname Part of the Guiana Basin
C. P. Griffith
Assessing Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Krishna Godavari Basin through 3D Petroleum System(s) Modeling
S. Rawat1, 2
Evaluation of the Source Rock Potential of the Southern Orange Basin
B. Daniso, N. Jukuda
Petroleum Systems Analysis of the Gamtoos Basin, South Africa
A. Davids, C. Van Bloemenstein, C. J. Campher
Polygonal Fault System in Great South Basin, New Zealand: Implications for Lithology Prediction
P. Chenrai1, 2, M. Huuse
New Method to Evaluate Carbonate Cap Rocks: Enlightenment from Rock Mechanical Property
F. Ning1, 2, Y. Jinbiao, L. Jianjiao, S. Haiming
An Improved Approach for Structural Delineation With Multiple Reverse Faults From Borehole Image Dips in Compressional Stress Regime
S. Yang, T. Yamada, I. Le Nir
Baseline Study of the Volta Basin, Ghana: Geophysical Constraints
A. Ayikwei, S. Webb, K. Hein, M. Jessell
New Plays and Remaining Potential in the Campos Basin Uncovered by a Newly Reprocessed Regional 3-D Seismic Dataset
N. W. Hurst, P. Bellingham, A. Hartwig, B. W. Horn
Tectonic Evolution and Its Influence on Hydrocarbon Accumulation of the Ruman Buried Hill in Melut Basin, South Sudan
L. Xue
Controlling Effect of Normal Fault Related Folds to Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation
Y. Lang, J. Zhang, Y. Wang, G. Fu
Geomechanism Model of the Central African Shear Zone and its Related Rift Basins
H. Tongfei
Use of Analogue Modeling for Hydrocarbon Exploration: An Example in Papua New Guinea Fold and Thrust Belt (Onshore).
R. Darnault, R. Wightman, S. Schueller, J. Mengus
Impact of Shear Velocity Estimation on Wellbore Stability
C. Otoghile, C. Udeze
Compound Sand Architecture of Meandering Reservoir and its Application in Offshore Q Oil Field, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China
G. Hu, L. Song, T. Fan, X. Liang
The Magic of Depth Imaging in a Complex Geological Setting - A Case Study from Upper Indus Basin
S. Shah, M. Sajjad
The Application of Seismic Sedimentary Method in the Detailed Prediction of the Lithological Reservoir of Sublacustrine Fan in Bohai JZX Gasfield
J. Wen
Reservoir Characterization from Lithofacies and Petrophysical Analyses of the Clastic Sediments in the Southern Pletmos Basin, South Africa
M. E. Oghenekome
Magnetic Mineral Composition as a Potential Indicator of Depositional Conditions in Gas-Bearing Silurian Shale Rocks from Northern Poland
D. K. Niezabitowska, R. Szaniawski, M. Jackson
Determination of Loss Circulation Zones by Using Real-Time Temperature Logging While Drilling Petroleum Wells – Case Studies
M. M. Fernandes, T. Melo, R. Dantas, M. Tavares, L. A. Marcal
Machine Learning Assisted Prediction of Dissolution Spatial Distribution in Volcanic Weathered Crust Reservoirs: A Case Study presented by Da Kun Xiao
M. Tian, H. Xu, J. Cai, Z. Wang
An Integrated Geophysical Approach to Mapping and Modelling the Karoo Dolerite Intrusions in the South-Eastern Karoo Basin of South Africa
C. Baiyegunhi, O. Gwavava, K. Liu, T. L. Baiyegunhi
Fluid Expulsion Above a Gravity-Linked System: 3-D Seismic Reflection Case Study From the Orange Basin, Namibia
O. E. Eruteya, D. Nehemiah, A. Moscariello, M. Opuwari
Visualization and Quantification of 3-D pore Networks in Tight Reservoir Rocks Using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
M. H. Hofmann, S. Arens, C. Bomberger, S. Bachtel, M. S. Hendrix
Holistic Approach in Integrating Multiple Datasets When Building Geological Models of Complex Reservoir Sand Bodies in the South Coast Gas Field in Bredasdorp Basin, South Africa
A. Makangala
Hyperspectral Midwave and Longwave Infrared Spectroscopy as an XRD Proxy for Fracture Stimulation in Unconventional Hydrocarbon Exploitation
N. E. Pendock
Fluid Flow in Mudstone: A Function of Pore Size Distribution or Grain Size Distribution
N. Egesi1, 2
Low Resistivity-Low Contrast Pays Within the Permo-Carboniferous Sandstone Formation of Central Saudi Arabia: Geological Controls and Implications for Missed Pay
A. A. Alabbad, S. Khan, C. Ayadiuno, F. Almohsen, C. Reid
The Internal Seismic Character of the Gamtoos Basin's Late Valanginian to Late Hauterivian Syncline Fill Sequences and the Potential for a Hydrocarbon Play
C. Van Bloemenstein, A. Davids
Sequence Stratigraphy of the Neocomian Succession of the North Western Siberia Basin
A. V. Khitrenko, A. Batalova, A. Musikhin2, 3
Charging and Connectivity of Fractured Basement Reservoirs in the West of Shetland (North Atlantic, UK) - Insights From Oil Geochemistry Studies
M. Nuzzo, R. McBride, L. Neale, A. Wingfield, P. Farrimond, C. Slightam, R. Trice
Prototype Model of Modern Fluvial Deposits and Discussion on Architectural Units: A Case Study of Hailar River and Chaobai River
D. Xiao, G. Hu, T. Fan, F. Chen, J. Dong, Y. Gao, X. Liang
Fit-for-Purpose Log Conditioning as Applied on the F-A Gas Field in the Bredasdorp Basin, Offshore South Africa.
A. Jawoodien
Southern Africa's Potential Uncovered Using Integrated Data Sets
J. Malan
High-Performance Reservoir Simulations on Modern CPU-GPU Computational Platforms
K. Bogachev, S. Hinneh
Disruption in African Geoscientist Talent Management : Don't Miss the "New World" Revolution
E. Vanbinst, J. P. Durand
Ocean Bottom Multi-Physics Nodes – Next Reservoir Monitoring Step Forward?
E. Pinho, A. Zerilli, P. Menezes, J. Correa, J. S. Lyrio, A. Roessler Viana
Discussion on Application Method of Rock Cuttings in the Fault Sealing of China Offshore Oilfield
L. Song, G. Hu
Using Adobe Photoshop to Analysis Vuggy Porosity Quantitatively Based on Electrical Borehole Images
H. Xing2, 1, Z. X. Cai2, 1, H. Zhang
Carbonate Depositional Attributes and Controlling Factors of Reservoir Property in Saline Lacustrine Basin: A Case Study of Paleogene in Western Yingxiong Ridge, Qaidam Basin (NW China)
Z. Liu, C. Zhu, Z. Xia
Quantifying the Uncertainty of the Ultimate Recoverable Oil Reserves Using the Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques From ‘OWA’ Marginal Field, Onshore Niger Delta, Nigeria
O. C. Adeigbe, I. F. Odedere, O. I. Amodu
Assessment and Enrichment Regulation of Global Oil Shale Resources
X. Zhang, H. Zheng, C. Bian
Development of the 2019-2024 National Oil and Gas Leasing Program on the United States Outer Continental Shelf
R. Orr, K. Hammerle, M. Frye