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Monday Poster Presentations
Diagenetic History and Its Effect on Reservoir Quality and Reservoir Characterization of Sandstone Sequences of Matulla Formation, October Field, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
A. Kassem
Reservoir Quality Analysis: Case Study of the Orange Basin, Offshore South Africa
N. Dominick, N. Waldman, O. Momonitu
Modeling Low Net to Gross Complex Fluvial Reservoir- A Case Study From Aishwariya Field, Barmer Basin, NW India
C. S. Rautela, N. Boruah, G. Mukhopadhyay, A. Singh, A. Gupta, V. Shankar, V. Kothari
The Value of Integrated Borehole Image Analysis to Refine Geological Models: An Example From the Greater Burgan Field, Kuwait
B. Al-Enezi, O. AL-shammari, J. Filak, F. Al-Mahmeed, B. Kostic, N. Foote
Integration of Petrographic and Petrophysical Analyses to Characterize Reservoir Quality of Lower Cretaceous Sediments in the Orange Basin, Offshore South Africa
M. Magoba
A 3-D Fault Seal Analysis Study Conducted in the Ibhubesi Gas Field Offshore the West Coast of South Africa
N. Msezane1, 2
Geochemical Characteristics and Origin of the Lower Paleozoic Gas in the Tazhong Uplift, Tarim Basin
J. Shi, J. Li, Z. Shi, B. Cheng, L. Xue, L. Ma
Potential Stratigraphic-Diagenetic Traps in the Upper Jurassic Massive Dolomitized Formations, Northeastern Saudi Arabia: Insights From Integrated Geologic and Forward Diagenetic Modeling
Y. Xu, P. Lu, S. Zhang, M. AbuAli, W. Tan, D. Z. Tang
Brazil Santos Campos Widespread Chemogenic Lacustrine Carbonate Seismic Facies
K. Rodriguez, N. Hodgson
Complementary Structural Analysis of Channelized Turbidites in the Offshore Niger Delta: Integration of 3-D Seismic Data, Inversion of Extra-Deep Azimuthal Resistivity Data, Gamma and Density Borehole Images
C. N. Ndokwu, S. Morris, J. Paludan, V. Okowi, O. Olagundoye, N. Umoren, O. Ndefo, A. Delpeint, A. Agbejule, R. Ideozu
Tail Gas Commercialization of Mature Gas Field in Southeast Sumatra PSC, Indonesia: An Economic Review of Gross Split PSC vs Cost Recovery PSC
V. Indrasatwika, R. L. Djauhari
Oil-Base Mud Filtrate and Hydrogen Index Effects on Magnetic Resonance Porosity in Gas Reservoirs
S. Oifoghe, V. Okowi, H. Thern
A New Method to Match Trajectories of a Horizontal Well in Time Domain and in Depth in Ancient Buried Hill presented by Jinlong Wu
Z. Lv, G. Li, J. Wen, S. Wang, T. Wang
Three Formations Are Responsible for Surge in Permian Basin Crude Oil Production. U.S.A. EIA Expects Permian Region Oil Production to Reach Record High in 2018
O. Popova
The Coalbed Methane Resource Potential of the Ermelo Coalfield, South Africa
X. X. Schalkwyk
Sedimentary Environment Differences of Ordovician Wufeng-Silurian Longmaxi Shale in China and Their Effects on Production – A Case Study of Weiyuan Shale Gas Field
F. Liang, Q. Zhang
A Change in Formation Evaluation Strategy to Enable Making Key Investment Decisions Faster
G. Sibbald, R. W. Malada, I. Whyte
Connectivity, Wettability, and Tortuosity of Leading Chinese Shales
Q. Hu1, 2, R. Yang, M. Sun, J. Zhao, Y. Zhang, W. Zhou
The Reconstruction Method of Density Curve of the Tight Limestone Reservoir in Da’anzhai Member
J. Tian, H. Liu, Y. Sun
Endangered Wildlife on South Africa’s Unconventional Shale Gas Exploration and Extraction
A. Kazerouni
Shale Gas Assessement of the Southern Main Karoo Basin in South Africa
S. Adams
Pore Connectivity and Wettability of Typical Shales in South China: Small Angle Neutron Scattering Study
M. Sun
Diagenesis and its Impact on the Reservoir Quality of Low Permeability Reservoirs: A Case Study of Eocene Liushagang Formation of Wushi Depression, Beibuwan Basin, the South China Sea
Y. Xu
The Direct Indicators for Predicting Gas Hydrate Occurrence in the Deep Water Areas of Vietnam Continental Shelf
H. T. Nguyen
Basement Reservoir: Understanding the Interplay of Stresses, Fractures, and Mineralogy With Well-Logs
C. Shrivastava
Uncover the Mystery of Lacustrine Shale Oil Reservoir by Integrating Advanced Logging Technologies and Special Core Measurements – Case Study of Chang 7-3 Shale Oil Reservoir, Erdos Basin, China
Y. Hou, G. Liu, J. Wu, J. Song, X. Zhao, D. Yu, S. Li, H. Li, H. Wu
Sed-Volcanic Clastic Rock Reservoir Characterization and its Significance in Oil and Gas
G. Yang, G. Sun, S. Li, K. Gao, H. Ji, J. Wu, M. Shao
Depositional Environment and Petrophysical Characteristics of Reservoir Sand; A Case Study of Niger Delta, Nigeria
U. P. Adiela
Reservoir Modeling Using Seismic Attributes and Well Log Analysis: A Case Study of Niger Delta, Nigeria
U. P. Adiela
Paleoenviromental and Sequence Stratigraphic Studies of the D7.000 Sand, ‘EME’ Field, Niger Delta, Nigeria
U. P. Adiela
Tectono-Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Infill Characteristics of Xujiahe Formation in Western Sichuan Foreland Basin
J. Liu, D. Sun
Effect of Clay Minerals in Oil and Gas Formation Damage Problems and Production Decline: A Case Study, Gulf of Suez, Egypt.
A. Radwan
The New Stratigraphic Play of Ciputat Sub Basin, Indonesia: The Integrated Seismic Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis
T. E. Putra, R. Ismail, R. A. Pritama, M. Natsir
Cementation Characteristics and Pore-Forming Evolution of Clastic Reservoirs in the Saline Lake Basin
Y. Wang
Genesis of Lacustrine Carbonate Breccias and Their Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Yingxi Region, Qaidam Basin
Y. Wang
Sanding Problems in Injection and Production Wells of Waterflood Projects
M. Amani
Reducing Reservoir Uncertainty in Mafumeira Field Development
J. F. Neto, M. Hoehn
The Main Geological Factors Controlling the Production Capacity of Carbonate Reservoir in North Truva, Kazakstan
D. Zhang, H. Su1, 3, Z. Fan
Mineral Composition and Total Organic Carbon Content of the Channel and Floodplain Sediments of the Swartkops Estuary, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
S. G. Ndibo
Discovery of Sandy Beach-Bar and Its Significance on Petroleum Geology Around Ruman Buried Hill of Melut Basin, South Sudan
B. Chen, Z. Shi, L. Xue
Innovations of Complex Geology in Mature Basin "Talara" (More Than 100 Years of Development) to Generate Viable Projects in Block 4 – Peru
A. J. Jimenez
Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of ‘AB’ Field in the NIiger Delta, Nigeria, Using Well Logs and Seismic Data
S. Mepaiyeda1, 2
Petroleum Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of a Syn-Rift Basin Infill in the Diourbel-Thies Area, Onshore Senegal
M. Ndiaye, A. Moscariello, S. Omodeo Salé, L. Guglielmetti, C. Strobbia, J. Medou
Comparing and Contrasting the Onshore and Offshore Components of the Gamtoos Basin from Petrography, Lithostartigraphy and Facies Analysis, South Coast of South Africa
S. P. Mokoele
Analogues Provide Insight Into Cretaceous Deep-Water Clastic Systems on the Irish Atlantic Margin
K. Hernon, C. Morgan, K. English, M. Hanrahan
Seismic Architecture of Outer Shelf Canyon Segments in the Lüderitz Basin, Offshore Namibia
A. W. Wanke, R. Toirac-Proenza
Onshore to Offshore in the South Atlantic: Insights From Outcrops for New Plays along the Continental Margins
K. Lamb, R. Crossley
Description of a Major Addition to the Central African Rift System (CARS) Located in the Central African Republic (CAR), Republic of Congo (ROC), and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
G. Penfield, M. Kidwai, P. Portolano, A. Cipa, A. Brown, J. Borgomano
Evaluation of the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Inland Basins of Nigeria – An Example of an Integrated Geological, Geophysical, Geochemical and Remote Sensing Study of Frontier Basins.
M. Bako, Z. Berger, H. Ohen, L. Clavareau
Play Analysis of the Natal Valley and Durban Basin, Off the East Coast of South Africa
J. Salomo, A. Fielies
The Congo-Gabon Source-to-Sink Project: Characterization of the Volume And Nature of the Cretaceous to Cenozoic Clastics Produced on the Uplifted Onshore Erosion Surfaces and Transported Offshore
V. Delhaye-Prat, M. Guiraud2, 1
Submarine Canyons: Key Features to Derisk Deep Sea Exploration.
V. Delhaye-Prat, C. Huguen
Sediment Budgets From Mass Balance Grain Size Trends, Wasia Formation, Saudi Arabia
N. A. Michael1, 2, R. Zuhlke
Deep-Water Hydrocarbon Exploration Potential in the Offshore Northwest Africa
D. Wang, J. Yin
Hybrid Turbiditic-Contouritic System Characterization and Modeling: Insight From an Integrated Source-to-Sink Study of the Plio-Pleistocene Series in the Corinth Rift (Greece)
S. Rohais, R. Rubi2, 3, D. Sakellariou, D. Granjeon, J. Schmitz, R. Deschamps, J. Lecomte, S. Bourquin, I. Moretti
Analysis of Petroleum Systems and its Implication for Exploration in the Senegal Basin
D. Wang, J. Yin, N. Tian, K. Tian, L. Zhao
Hydrocarbon Detection Seabed Surveying Using Microbial-Geochemical Exploration (MGCE) Technology Can Mitigate CO2 Charge Risk Prior to Deep Water Exploration Drilling
H. Mei, H. Rebel, Y. Liang, S. Deng, C. Hao
Insights from a New Frontier Carbonate Exploration Play in the Deep-water Agc Area, Offshore Senegal-Guinea Bissau
D. M. Dutton, M. Bourne, A. Gillespie, L. Heaton, A. Litvin
Maximizing the Value of Analogues in Deep-Water Reservoirs
M. Mayall1, 2, J. Faroppa
Salt Mechanics and its Impact on Pre-Salt Reservoirs in the Santos Basin, Brazil
H. Lebit, J. Tilton, N. Roy, P. Ollagnon, S. Arasanipalai, S. Opdyke