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Tuesday Morning Oral Presentations
An African Oil Story "As Told by Africans"
J. M. Cochrane
West and Southern Africa Transform Margin Basins: Chasing the New Exploration Frontiers
K. Ladipo
K. Myers
Case Study of a Tight Gas Reservoir Offshore South Africa: Its Significance in Exploration and Exploitation
G. M. Robles Hurtado, C. Rose, O. El Saadi
Maturation of Paleozoic Unconventional Gas
F. Lu
Fractures Characteristics and Quantitative Evaluation of Ultra-Deep Tight Sandstone Reservoir in Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin, Northwest China
C. Ge, W. JunPeng
Implementation of an Exploration Workflow to Characterize a Low Poro-Perm Gas-Bearing Prospect Using Rock Physics Depth Trends to Assist Avo Classification
J. I. Adrian, G. M. Robles Hurtado
The Effect of Reservoir Characteristics on Productivity and Production Forecasting of Montney Shale Gas in Canada
G. Kim, H. Shin, H. Lee
Oil Prospectivity of Deep Water Turbidites in the Walvis Basin, Magmatic Margin Offshore Namibia
A. Intawong, N. Hodgson, K. Rodriguez, V. Sibeya
3-D Architecture of Cretaceous Channel Systems in the Northern Orange Basin, Offshore South Africa
L. J. Esterhuizen, J. Salomo, C. Van Bloemenstein, A. Fielies
Hydrocarbon Potential of the Walvis Basin, Offshore Namibia
U. Utjavari
A Revised Interpretation of Argentina’s Offshore Austral and Malvinas Basins and Petroleum Play Analysis
K. R. Reuber, B. W. Horn, D. Allinson
The Qualitative Assessment of Fractured Basement Reservoir Potential in Pletmos Basin, Republic of South Africa.
B. M. Msezane, A. Ravaglia, P. Dekker
Accommodation, Sediment Supply, Deltaic Process Regime, and Their Controls on Deep-Water Sand Delivery: Insights From High-Resolution 3-D Quantitative Seismic Stratigraphy
V. Paumard, J. Bourget, T. Payenberg, B. Ainsworth, S. Lang, H. W. Posamentier, A. D. George
Hydrocarbon Prospectivity and Structure of the North Panama Deformed Belt: Observations From Regional Seismic Mapping
A. Goswami, B. W. Horn, J. Pindell, R. N. Erlich
Seismic Expression of High Frequency Depositional Sequences Around the Globe – Implications for Lowstand Stratigraphic Traps, North Slope Alaska
J. Hernandez, G. Brink
CSEM Ranking of Transform Margin Prospects
F. Roth, L. Berre, S. Fanavoll, C. Thomas
Depositional Systems in the Deepwater Fold Belts of the Western Gom (U.S.A. and Mexico): Process, Geometry, and Implications for Provenance and Reservoir Development in the Paleogene
C. A. Watkins, J. Koester, P. Marshall, P. Marshall, D. Carruthers, C. Milne, J. Huuse
Impact of Seawater Chemistry on Modern Subtidal Carbonate Sediments: Al-Wajh Lagoon, Northern Red Sea, Saudi Arabia
P. Birkle, D. Steinhauff
An Outcrop Based Integrated Reservoir Model of the Frontier Formation Hybrid Play in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A.
M. H. Hofmann1, 2, N. La Fontaine, T. Le, T. Hoffman
A Coastal Barrier-Spit System: An Alternative Depositional Model for the Kudu Gas Field, Namibia
R. Swart
Characteristics and Main Controling Factors of Karst Caves in Keping Outcrops, Tarim Basin
B. Li, Z. Weihai
Synthetic Seismic Forward Modelling of Fluvial Outcrops from the Ebro Basin, Spain
D. McClymont, R. Steele
Invited Panelist
T. Ewherido
Invited Panelist
E. Hathon
Invited Panelist
Y. A. Rafie
Evaluating the Application of Natural Gas-Based Foamed Fracturing Fluid in Unconventional Reservoirs
P. Pankaj, A. Phatak, S. Verma
Diagenesis and Reservoir Properties of the Permian Ecca Group Sandstones and Mudstones in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa: Implications for the Shale Gas Potential in the Karoo Basin
C. Baiyegunhi, K. Liu, O. Gwavava, T. L. Baiyegunhi
Nanopore Structure of Lower Cambrian Niutitang Shale in South of China: Insights from Gas Adsorption, MICP and FE-SEM Analyses
W. Yang, S. He, X. Yuan
Emissivity Mapping of Onshore Sedimentary Basins for Hydrocarbon Exploration
N. E. Pendock
Thermally - Induced Fractures in Coal, Balingian Province, Sarawak, Malaysia
Y. Ali
Trap Formation by Turonian Sill Complexes in the Deepwater Morondava Basin, Madagascar
G. Tari, K. Hannke, G. Wilmot, I. Schretter, M. Bierbaumer, U. Sattler
Exploring in the Kerio Valley Basin, Southern Kenyan Rift: The Lakes, Lavas, and Prospectivity in a Magmatic Rift Basin
R. Cowan
Can Sea Surface Oil Slicks Confirm the Presence of an Active Hydrocarbon System in the Mozambique Channel
R. MacDonald, K. Rodriguez
Integrated Source Rock Evaluation Offshore Somalia
H. Kearns, N. Hodgson, K. Rodriguez, D. Paton, A. Hussein
Axial Versus Marginal Sediment Systems in Rift Basin Settings
L. Welcome, L. Wood, R. Gawthorpe
Entrenched Slope Channel Complex Systems: Reservoir Opportunities Through Understanding Architectural Element Distribution and Application to West Africa E&P
B. Cronin
Learnings From High Rate Water Injection in Deep-Water Slope Channel Complex and Frontal Splay Turbidite Reservoirs Offshore Ghana
S. Sathyamoorthy, B. Cronin, E. Loudon
Why is Everyone Excited About Deepwater Sao Tome and Principe EEZ: The 4 Key Reasons Why This has Been One of the Hottest Areas for Exploration in 2017
M. Tyrrell, J. May, O. D'Abreu
Controls on Depositional Architecture and Reservoir Quality of a Large Deepwater Fan System Offshore South Africa: The Interplay of Provenance, Uplift and Oceanic Processes
C. P. Glover, E. Habgood, E. Shaw, R. Crossley, K. Lamb, G. Schmitz
Insights Into the Deepwater of Côte d'Ivoire (West Africa)
N. Scarselli, G. Duval, J. Martin, K. McClay, S. Toothill
Fe-Chlorite Diagenesis Though Transport Reaction Modeling
A. Ortenzi, C. Geloni, F. Gherardi
Reservoir Evaluation: Vandji Formation of Berriasian-Valanginian Age in Lower Congo Basin.
N. Tukimin
A New Method to Identify Lithofacies of Complex Lacustrine Carbonate Reservoirs via Log Data – A Case Study From Yingxi Oilfield of Qaidam Basin (Northwest China)
M. Tian
Integration of the Effects of Bioturbation on Reservoir Quality Into Reservoir Modeling of CREEK Field, Niger Delta Petroleum Province
C. A. Jackson, M. Oti, W. Mode, P. Osterloff, G. Pemberton
Revealing the Complexity of Heterogeneous Volcaniclastic Facies of Mid Miocene Onnagawa Formation, Akita Basin, Japan
I. Wu, S. Parashar, M. Iyer, H. Komatsu, S. Shimada
Tuesday Afternoon Oral Presentations
Rifting History and Magmatism West of Britain
F. Walker, N. Schofield, M. Hole, J. Millett1, 2, M. Stewart
Structural Styles and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Ceduna Sub-Basin, Australia: Part Two
A. Alghuraybi, M. Bunch
Multi-Scale Volcanic Facies Characterization of Deccan Volcanic Complex in the Barmer Basin of Rajasthan: Implication for Exploration in a Flood Basalt Province
A. Pandey
Reducing Uncertainty Using Full Tensor Gradiometry in Frontier Area: Case Study in Fold-Thrust Belt System in Eastern Indonesia
A. A. Kaswandi, F. Ferdian, C. Bellamy, C. Murphy
Unlock the Potential of Tight Carbonate, Challenges and Mitigation, Mauddud Reservoir, Bahrah Field, North Kuwait, Kuwait
S. A. Eisa
Petroleum Retention, Migration, and Expulsion in the Triassic Chang 7 Member in the Ordos Basin in China
Y. Chen, S. Lin, B. Bai, S. Tao
Source to Reservoir Correlation and Hydrocarbon Compositions of Oil Sand Deposits in Dahomey Basin, Nigeria
S. Mohammed, O. Momonitu, S. Titinchi, M. B. Abubakar, T. Bata
Thermal Anomalies Across Africa: Causes and Effects on Petroleum Systems
D. Macgregor
A Multi-Method Approach to Reconstruct the Temperature History of a Triassic Sedimentary Sequence From Edgeøya, Norway
B. G. Haile, T. G. Klausen, J. Jahren, A. Braathen, H. Hellevang
Subsurface Temperature Prediction From Seismic Measurements: A 3-D Seismic Case Study From The Lüderitz Basin, Offshore Namibia
A. Sarkar, M. Huuse
Multiple Scenarios From Diverse Thermal Indicators: Contrasting Organic Versus Mineral-Based Methods for a Frontier Intracratonic Basin in the Canadian Arctic.
D. Lavoie, O. H. Ardakani, N. Pinet, J. Reyes, R. Dhillon
Thermal Effect Evaluation of Basic Sill on Rhythmite of Taciba Formation (Permian), South of Brazil, Using RGB Measurements on Non-Opaque Phytoclasts
M. S. Silva1, 2, L. D. Mouro1, 2, 3, L. D. Vieira1, 4, 5, B. L. Waichel1, 2, 3
Geophysical Anomaly: A Novel Contribution to Integrated Geophysical Interpretation
J. S. Lyrio, P. Menezes, J. Correa, A. Roessler Viana
Identification of Lateral Facies Trends Using Seismic and Well Velocity Data, South Lokichar Basin Kenya
D. McClymont
Application of Facies-Constrained Inversion Technology to Prediction of Lacustrine Carbonate Reservoir in Yingxi, Qaidam Basin (Northwest China)
C. Zhu
A Practical Application of Data-Driven 3-D Automatic Fault Extraction for EN Echelon Faults: A Case Study From Malay Basin
T. Tengku Hassan, C. Lee, J. Ting, J. P. Dominguez
Fracture Characterization and Sweet Spot Mapping in Naturally Fractured Tight Carbonate Reservoir, Opening a New Play in Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan
A. Asghar, Z. Hussain, S. Shah, T. Syed, A. Palekar
Integration Geological Understanding With Geophysical Techniques for Better Reservoir Characterization – A Case Study in Ravva Block
A. Ghosh, H. Vardhan, S. Singh, S. Kejriwal, K. Sharma, B. C. Jha, H. Khandelwal
Broadband Seismic for Improved Geosciences Integration and Increased End-User Value: Examples Through the E&P Asset Life With an Offshore Africa Focus
C. Reiser
Delineation of the Key Architectural Elements a Deep-Water Leveed Slope Channel Complex With Offset-Stacked Channel Elements, Tano Basin, Ghana: Development of an Integrated Geological and Geophysical Workflow for Reservoir Model Implementation
D. P. Kelly, B. Cronin
Lowering the Risk in Reservoir Fluid Prediction Through Multiscale Integration presented by Marwah Al Ismail
M. Bin Gubair, C. Ayadiuno
Reservoir Characterization of a Basin Floor Fan System Using Rock Physics to Integrate Seismic Amplitude and Well Data, Offshore South Africa.
M. M. Mmema
Invited Panelist
L. Johnson
Invited Panelist
T. Ewherido
Invited Panelist
L. Mekwe
Invited Panelist
K. Rodriguez
Invited Panelist
R. Alasad
Invited Panelist
J. Kaldi
Decoding Charge History in a Complex Paleozoic Petroleum System by Combined Gas Geochemistry and Fluid Inclusions
P. Luo, K. Arouri
Geochemical Analysis and Origin of Gas in Volcanic Reservoirs in the Songliao Basin
S. Tao, C. Li, W. Ma, J. Mi
SurfaceLogging Combo: How Continuous Real-Time Isotopic Measurement Enhances the Mud Gas Interpretation Workflow
B. Jacquet, D. Strapoc, S. Khan, O. Torres, E. Inan Villegas, H. Albrecht, B. Okoh, D. McKinney
Underwater Gliders for Oil & Gas Exploration
D. Dhont, P. Lattes, A. Vidal, D. Levaché, L. Beguery, V. DelMarro, F. Besson, V. Rochet
Salt Tectonics in the Sivas Basin (Turkey): Outstanding Seismic Analogues
J. Ringenbach, J. Callot
Fault Pattern in the Southern Campos Basin, Brazil: 3-D Seismic Insights and Implications for Albian Carbonates of the Macae Group
U. M. Correia, A. C. Vidal
Analogue Models of Multi-Layer Brittle/Ductile Wedges and Comparison with Natural Examples
J. Callot, J. Ringenbach
Stratigraphic Architecture and Evolution of the Cretaceous Evaporites of the West African Margin, Insight From the Proximal Domain of the South Gabon, Congo, and Cabinda Area
A. Pichat1, 2, V. Delhaye-Prat, L. Gindre-Chanu, P. Wolff
Research of the Cambrian Salt-Related Structures in Sichuan Basin presented by Zhenglian Pang
A. Xu, S. Hu, Z. Wang, D. Bo, W. Liu
Mitigating Uncertainty in Regulations for Investments in South Africa
S. Naidoo
“Look at Situations From All Angles and You Will Become More Open” – Advanced Analytics Approach to Exploration Portfolio Allocation Decisions
D. Surovtsev, T. Levy, M. Sethi
The Importance of Establishing a Stratigraphic Nomenclature for Petroleum Exploration: A Case Study From Tanzania
R. Verreussel, S. Houben, F. Veenstra
Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS) and the Importance of Analogs
J. Faroppa, H. Garcia
National Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the United States Outer Continental Shelf
M. Frye, J. Maloney, S. Palmes