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ICE 2018 Cape Town, South Africa – Water Notice

As you may know, the City of Cape Town is currently experiencing a severe drought that has led to increased water restrictions throughout the city. Sustainable solutions have been implemented at the convention center and surrounding areas to reduce water usage in the medium and long term. ICE event organizers have had ongoing communications with city officials to ensure these water restrictions will not impact the event or its attendees and exhibitors.

More importantly, our local committee members working and living in Cape Town are dedicated to holding the event. Moving ICE would not impact the water shortage, but would penalize local businesses and residents who depend on events like these. To all those impacted by the water shortage, please know you are in the thoughts of AAPG membership and we wish you a very productive rainy season.

AAPG’s focus remains in providing the highest quality environment for education and exhibition. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the water shortage or ICE 2018, please contact us by email at or by phone at (+1 918 584 2555) or (800 364 2274 – toll free, US & Canada only).